We’d like to introduce you to some of the people
who make Dynamic Scenery what it is today.

Account Executives:

Our Account Executives will work with you through the entire process. From the first quote until the final invoice. Our Account Executive (A.E.) will help you and your team decide on what rental gear will work best for your show’s needs. As well as help figure out how to build your custom set/scenic elements.

Our A.E.s work in conjunction with our rental department and custom fabrication shop to make sure that no detail is missed. They gather samples and work with our vendors to pick materials. They will communicate with other departments (I.E. Graphics, Lighting, Video, Rigging) to make sure that scenic correctly interacts with the rest of the show. The A.E.s work with the Shop Manager on the production schedule to make sure everything is done in a timely matter. They are in the shop multiple times a day to make sure that the build is going correctly and to head off any issues that may arise before it becomes a problem. They can and will take progress photos to keep you updated on how the build is going. The A.E.s personally write work orders to make sure that everything is there for the show, from the largest scenic piece to the smallest piece of hardware. Finally, they arrange the trucking, to and from your event.

                With very few exceptions the A.E. is also your Onsite Scenic Lead for the show. Onsite they will coordinate with the T.D., Producer and/or Production Carpenter on the best order to install the gear. They take a hands-on lead with crew to make sure everything goes together just right. They are also there for when that last-minute changes happen. During the Show, our AEs will also be your Production Carpenter on headset to supervise show moves if needed. And the A.E. will be there during the strike as well. Once again, they will coordinate with the TD, Producer and/or Production Carpenter to have a safe and organized load out.

                Our Account Executives are the face of Dynamic Scenery and take great pride in the quality of our gear, our work, and our client service. We care deeply about the work we do and will do whatever it takes to make your show a success. 

Paul Moeller


Casey Newberry


Adam Grant


Alan DeLeon

When he first got introduced to the business in the mid 70’s when production shows were drawn on napkins and started with a handshake.

In Las Vegas where most hotels/casinos had a large production show room where the most expensive and elaborate productions featuring the famous Las Vegas showgirls and unique mid show acts were common and small star policy show rooms that rotated stars such as, Lily Tomlin, Frank Sinatra, Ann Margaret, Mac Davis and Cher on almost a weekly basis, Alan DeLeon had the privilege and honor to be a part of all of this at the beginning of his career.

Through the fabrication of complex illusions of the infamous Siegfried and Roy, the development of motorized flying equipment for the renowned Peter Foy and the introduction of motorization, hydraulics, and stage automation.

Alan has owned multiple Las Vegas businesses, and has had the opportunity to travel the world and work with the greatest of professionals in the corporate and theatrical industry. Today, surrounded by some of the greatest employees Alan and Dynamic continue to service clients around the world largely but not solely focusing on corporate/business theatre where world class ballrooms and arenas are the settings for these massive one off shows long from the days of multi-year engagement production shows.

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